Prior to his present cure here in Sharon, Jon enjoyed a long career as a parish priest in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Connecticut. Immediately following 9/11 he served as a Red Cross Chaplain at Ground Zero and later at the Disaster Mortuary in Bellevue Hospital.

Jon loves to sing and play his mountain dulcimer, collect stories, share experiences and pass along good news and wise sayings - a sampling of a few favorites follows:


Jon Widing has served as our Vicar in Christ Church for over seven years. He lives with his wife Carol and son Dan in Avon and commutes to Sharon mid-week and on weekends. During his tenure he served as song-worship leader and hospice volunteer at Sharon Health Care Center and taught a community Tai Chi class. For a change of pace, he volunteered as an EMT and firefighter but recently, having mellowed considerably, he enjoys a more leisurely pace with time to hike and flyfish.
-John Chrysostom
Be kind, be kind for every one you meet carries a heavy burden.
-Ian McClaren
The Church exists not to divide those who come together, but to bring together those who are divided.
Nothing is so strong as gentleness. Nothing is so gentle as real strength.
One thing for sure - where Christ is present, the weary find rest and the hungry are fed.
  -Francis de Sales
-William Barclay
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Let us give ourselves up to God in total trust, having no claims, seeking no advantages but in service to one another leaving our status before God entirely in God's hands.
-Fred Craddock
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