Our Mission: We are called to be one with God and each other in Christ by living the Gospel with love and compassion.

Excerpts from our History:
In April, 1755, the town of Sharon granted the members of the Church of England permission to erect their first church. The congregation rapidly increased and outgrew the church by 1764, when a new "really neat and beautiful" church was built.

During the Revolutionary War, the building was desecrated when it was turned into a military barracks,and then converted into a stable. In subsequent years, the building fell into disrepair and was finally torn down. This period was also a time of suffering, hardship, and personal difficulties for the church members.

Circumstances shifted for the Parish when on May 27th, 1809, Sharon's Episcopalians officially organized as a parish and formally established themselves as part of the Protestant Episcopal. With clergy and vestry of their own, the members began construction on the existing church brick building that was finally consecrated on November 24, 1819.

Music was a valued and important part of the spirit of the church, and by 1823 three choristers were elected at the annual parish meeting. In 1842 the vestry voted to build an Organ Loft.

Although Sunday Schools were "virtually non-existent until the mid-1800's," this parish considered Christian education of the utmost importance, as evident in an 1835 resolution: "Whereas the Sabbath School is intimately connected with the prosperity of the Parish and the Munitions of Virtue and Piety among the youth, therefore - Resolved that we will use our endeavors to sustain and increase the Sabbath School in all suitable ways."

In 1884 additional land was purchased and the parish house erected, and "in this work the Ladies' Aid Society, assisted by the Junior Auxiliary, bore an active part." In the archives of 1908, the Ladies' Guild members were thanked for the new hardwood floor and seats in the church. The Ladies' Guild later installed electric lights in the church, the choir room and the parish house.

Among the many interesting notes found in our history are: in 1922 the original chalice and flagon were re-plated and sent to Japan "at the time of the earthquake," and in 1952 the parish sponsored its first candidate for Holy Orders.

To date, no written history exists post World War II years, but having passed our two hundredth year in 2009, we are grateful for our heritage and pray to serve our Lord and those within our reach, as opportunity presents.

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