Church Windows - Christ
Subject: Christ

Dimensions: Approx 100" x 72", located on the west wall above the altar

Maker: unknown

Date: Circa 1882/3, at time when the church was remodeled

Donors: Eratus and Eliza Deming, children of Ralph anf Mary T. Deming

Description: The main motif in the central panel is Jesus. Above Jesus are two angels and above them a cross encircled by a crown. Below Jesus is an emblem of the letters IHS followed by "In Memoriam. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
The left and right panels are similar. From the top, they both have a floret. Then the left has Alpha and the right Omega followed by another pair of florets. Then the left has a sheaf of wheat, while the right has a bunch of grapes. At the bottom of the left column, "Ralph Deming MD who died 2nd July 1877 in the 79th year of his age." At the bottom of the right column, "Mary T. Deming who died October 20th 1878 age 82 years."
Above The Alter
North Wall
Scenes in the life of Jesus
St. Elizabeth & St. Cecilia
St. Luke St. John
The story of Job
East Wall
South Wall
The Two Marys at the Cross
St. Peter and St. Paul
Two Angels
Christ Welcoming the Little Children and The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes
Subject: (none)
Subject: St. Francis and St. Jerome
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Christ Church Episcopal
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