Boy Scouts

Cub Scout Program Pack 24

1st Grade - Tiger

2nd Grade Wolf

3rd Grade Bear

4th Grade Webelo I

5th Grade Webelo II Arrow of Light


Cub Scout Leaders

Cub Master David Heacox

Committee Chairman Peter Selino

Organization Executive Rick Ives

Organization Rep. Rick Ives


Boy Scout Program Troop 24

6th Grade or age 11 until age 18


2nd Class

1st Class



Eagle Scout


Boy Scout Leaders

Scoutmasters Pete Selino & Garret Selino

Committee Chair Barclay Prindle

Organization Executive Rick Ives

Organization Rep. Rick Ives


Eagle Scouts

Matthew Selino   04/05/2005
Robert Butts    10/21/2008
Garrett Selino  12/10/2008
Mark Selino  12/10/2008
Nathan Purdy   12/22/10
Lewis Savoy  02/16/2012
Alex Mo   02/16/2012
Wayne Purdy   01/23/13
Patrick Purdy   03/19/14

Cody Nettleton  03/01/2015
Liam Sweeny    02/22/17


Life Scouts

John Purdy
Robert Murtagh


Tenderfoot Scouts

Alex Kovacs



Hans Seibold
Joshua Shaw-Cahill


Past Scoutmasters

Barclay Prindle

Peter Selino



Christ Church Episcopal proudly sponsors the Boy Scout Program in Sharon.
9 South Main Street
on the Town Green
Post Office Box 1778
Sharon, Connecticut

Phone 860-673-9630


Christ Church Episcopal
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